Saturday, September 10, 2011


mr copy paste in relationship with @!##@$%$^%&^*
dem it hurt me
u know im into u
u know it right
y u do this to me
tear me apart
pas2 boley plak ckap korang xda apa2
just propa
yeah right
propa la sngt
tapi yg ko nk mara sngt
aku x caya
apa yg ko nak sngt
da la
im not going to fall for you again

Sunday, September 4, 2011


nk tukar tajuk..all about mr copy paste..omg..i miss you...xkan nk jadik stalker macam sandra bullock sorry...i dont mean to hurt you..just nk uji jewr..but i totally in love with you..please reply my text..i really into you..i like you..'im a guy..we say words we never mean' ..but what if u just not into me..ayat 2 tetiba wat aku rsau..and cite nieyh memang he s not into getting scared...currently i just fell like you really not into me..boy!!this girl need you..please...i need you..